Learn How to Create Your Own Products In Just 5 Days

You’ve likely heard of “Print On Demand”, but it’s not just something you do with BOOKS! You can also test out unique products for your customers on Amazon without having to buy a lot of inventory up front. When a customer places an order, you use “Print on Demand” to make the item and quickly ship it.

If your design gets some momentum, you can create as many as you need and have Amazon fulfill via FBA!

For example, we designed some mugs and we turned those designs into 6-figures. We’ll show you how to do this IN JUST FIVE DAYS! 

  • Without needing inventory (initially)
  • Without investing in expensive tools
  • Without needing to show your face!


This 5-day workshop will give you step-by-step training with guided worksheets for you to walk away confidently with your first products that make profits.

Are You A Fit For This Challenge?

If you said “yes” to any of the above, this hands-on workshop is for you!


Follow What Works!

Shortcut months of trial and error, and follow our tested and PROVEN process to go…

From NO idea to launching your FIRST PRODUCTS live!

We’ll Share With You:


Here are a few examples of products that we’ve successfully sold using these strategies:

Proven Print on Demand - MUG

We can sell all kinds of “print on demand” products; and we’ll show you how to do it yourself.

More Proven Print on Demand Examples


We’ve shown this process to a good handful of our inner circle top students. Here’s what some of them had to say.

“The amount of information Delia holds, is a marvel. She took time to teach me how to simplify a small business start up. She showed me practical ways to study. To watch trends online.

She also introduced me to her past work that was successful as well as work that did the minimum. I had no idea that I needed to watch for trends, time my business with holidays and to keep it simple.

From her one on one time, and past experience, I took a simple idea like personalized wine glasses to profitable… That means, I paid off every part of my labor, material and education, to turn profit.

She is someone that cares, has a calm disposition and she will help others succeed!

I always told her she was a God send in a time of questioning what I can do with all my creative time.

Thank you Delia! Your an expert in creating success!”

-Rebeca B.

“Delia’s team helped us make and sell some products locally and online (hundreds of sales so far). 100% ROI for most of them.”

– Edward D.

“We launched a few products and got some sales… We plan on launching more this spring.”

– Brian O.

“Wow, I made my first sale!”

– Angie L.

“I took what you guys taught us, applied it to bundles, and made some sales.”

– Janet A.

“”I added on Print on Demand to my business and it took off like a rocket”

– Recent Student


This model is easy to grasp, but it requires work.

If you know you can be consistent at testing ideas, you can do really well with this model.

  • We discovered that we need to list a large number of designs to start generating consistent sales.
  • The easy way is to launch designs and allow the products to generate momentum organically (without paid ads).
  • The other way is to spend money on ads to speed up the process

The challenge will focus on going from no ideas to getting your first products online on both Etsy and Amazon without paid ads.

We use Etsy to test ideas, and then launch on Amazon; or launch on both at the same time.

Initially, we recommend that you to spend $1-3 per day on ads on Etsy in order to find winning ideas.


These videos are recordings of live trainings that were captured to share with you.


 Where to Find the Best Ideas

  • Planning Worksheet
  • All the tools you need to run your business


POD Suppliers & Design Your First Product

  • Finding and choosing your supplier
  • Live Demo
  • How to create without being creative
  • Design your first product


Upload to Etsy / Amazon

  • Live Demo
  • Upload your first product


Review Uploads & Basic Amazon Ads


Scale Your New Brand

  • The strategy we use to scale

The number one enemy for anyone wanting to start their own brand…
        … NOT lack of creativity
        … or LACK of funds

NO… The number one enemy is… PROCRASTINATION

Regular Price $499

Launch Price Only $97!

You get instant access to the videos upon purchase.

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Our goal is to make our customers happy, so we back that up with our simple refund policy. If you are not pleased with your purchase for any reason, just contact us within 30 days and we will offer a full refund or credit – your choice!

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